Our Difference

All cleaning companies are the same, are they not? This statement is not only inaccurate, but also completely untrue.

Cleaning companies vary greatly, making it very important to choose one with an excellent reputation. Here at Inhouse Connections, we are not just another cleaning company. Our aim isn’t to see how many jobs we can churn through in a day – we prefer to make sure each and every job we attend is done properly.

Our staff are well trained to pay attention to detail, ensuring your home, office or factory is left as clean as possible each and every time they visit. In addition, you can count on our staff to be courteous, friendly and punctual – as customer care is a high priority.

Our other main point of difference is the fact that we use environmentally friendly cleaning products. We don’t believe in dousing your house or workplace in harsh chemicals – it isn’t necessary and they aren’t good for you or your family. The products that we use are grey water safe and won’t pollute waterways and rivers, yet they are still very effective and the finished results are always amazing.

Why settle for your average cleaning company when Inhouse Connections can provide you with a far superior service? Contact us today on 0401 584 257 to book.